Micki Sanderson - Realtor, Goggins Real Estate, GRI, ABR. She is Professional, Persistent, Prepared


I am fortunate to live and work in the Pioneer Valley!  Before beginning my career in real estate, I was a high school English teacher, coach of three Varsity sports teams,  and an owner of a highly successful Amherst Bed and Breakfast. It was the quality of life here in the Amherst/Northampton area that brought me here with my three children; Ethan, Erin, and Chad 20 years ago.

My 12 years of experience and expertise lies in Residential Properties and land. If you are a seller, I will get the job done. If you are a buyer at any life stage, I have the energy and time for you. I love my job, am a full time REALTOR, and  a top agent here at Goggins Real Estate.

I live with my family in Hatfield. We involve ourselves in many varied pursuits and take advantage of all the valley has to offer whether it is the concert scene, myriad restaurants, or rowing with Northampton Community Rowing. How can I help you find the perfect town or community to suit your passions, interests, or careers?

I welcome the opportunity to help you find a home, or sell your home! As a well-respected member of the community, I can promise professional, competent, and thorough service for you and your family.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Emily and I were referred to Micki by a family friend. We were living in North Carolina but planned on moving to Western Mass at the end of the summer. From the beginning, Micki was thorough, efficient and most of all, helpful. Being located far away during the process, we relied heavily on trusting Micki with determining where to buy and she delivered. She understood our needs (and wants) and l
Emily Dwyer and Kelly Poulin


That’s Micki Sanderson to a tee! She knows her business and handles it like a true pro. She’s always prepared to answer questions about properties on the market and those that fit your druthers. But her most important quality for us was her unfailing persistence. Being new to the area we wanted to get a general overview of area before seriously searching for a home that seemed right for us. That required a good deal of Micki’s time showing properties all over this region. We spent several months viewing listed properties before locating the right one for us. She was indefatigable and always happy to make another trip. She is definitely the most persistent agent you could find and knows a thing or two as well. You can’t find a better agent anywhere.

Gary Brooks, Easthampton MA
Gary Brooks
Micki Sanderson is the best, hands down. Through a lengthy purchase process, Micki remained patient and determined. Whenever it seemed that we had hit a wall, Micki would find a way to make it through. Her connections in the Valley helped serve me well when selecting a property and ultimately in closing on it. I cannot imagine having purchased my property with the help of anyone else. And if I decide to sell, it will be my pleasure to ask for help once again from Micki.
Amro El Adel

In both the sale of our former home and the purchase of our new home, we could not have asked for better advice, support and representation than we got from Micki Sanderson. Micki helped us understand what we needed to do to get our home ready to go on the market, got us to see that the value of our home was greater than we imagined, and moved us fluidly from listing to accepted offer. When it came to finding and buying a new home, Micki was there not only to steer us through the process expertly, but to settle our nerves whenever they needed settling. A great experience from start to finish.

 Sean Glennon | Home Seller & Buyer July 7, 2017

Sean Glennon

We saw about 25 homes before we found this one. All during that year when we were trying to move from DC to the Pioneer Valley, Micki (Sanderson) never forgot about us with great communication via email, texting and phone and was always available to show us homes even with short notice. She was so valuable in helping us understand the different communities and the fact that she had raised three children here helped tremendously as we have four of our own.

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Carrie Connor | Home Buyer
September 30, 2015
Carrie Connor

We want to recognize the efforts of Micki Sanderson in the sale of our former property at 491A Federal Street in Montague. Due primarily to a very complicated common ownership situation which took two years to finally unravel, with much assistance from Micki, and a difficult market, the marketing and sale of this property was a very significant challenge. None the less, Micki persisted by working with two potential buyers and a joint owner. This property was purchased by us as a "condex," one half of a two unit property. The former owner of the other half of the property had created an illegal trust encumbering the land which needed to be discovered and then removed. A process made more difficult as he died leaving his trustee (who also inherited the property) to deal with the situation. Ultimately it became a reality that the property need to be sold as a combined entity. Micki needed to deal with two owners and a co-broker who was no help. Micki persevered and brought the property to a successful closing. We believe Micki deserves recognition for a very difficult job well done! Most people can and will to the routine job, but persevering over a long period of time through a more than difficult job takes someone special and that is Micki Sanderson.

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Jeffrey and Nancy Rathfon | Home Seller
May 26, 2016
Jeffrey and Nancy Rathfon

Micki Sanderson made buying my condo and also getting rid of a vacant lot in Florida very easy. She really knows her profession. She made the seller of the condo completely at ease and made sure she was in on every question, and that she had a backup person on her side. When I first tried to sell the Florida lot, I found I was contacting a person with a criminal record. Yikes. Thank you for having a Micki Sanderson.

R. O. Jones | Home Seller & Buyer
October 7, 2016
R.O. Jones

I bought a townhouse in Northampton and worked with Micki Sanderson. She is fantastic! Straight forward, prompt, knowledgeable and fun. She absolutely had my back. So grateful for her expertise.

Elizabeth Marshall | Home Buyer
November 28, 2016
Elizabeth Marshall

Micki Sanderson is excellent. She is quite professional and works day and night, and during the weekend. She can always find an answer for our questions.

Mingxu You | Home Buyer
May 11, 2017
Mingxu You

Micki Sanderson was fantastic. She took the time to make sure I understood everything about the process, and was there any time I had a question. A great experience for a first-time home buyer like myself. Thank you!

Hazel Elgart | Home Buyer
August 7, 2017

Hazel Elgart

Micki Sanderson guided us through months of searching for a home in the Pioneer Valley. She was extremely knowledgeable about the homes we saw and helped us clearly assess each. She was very detailed orientated and in more than one occasion had to clarify and correct information other agents said about a property. When we finally found a home, she acted as an advocate, counselor and project manager. She helped us through a difficult situation with one house we eventually did not buy only to help us find and buy a home we like better.

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Paula Vosburgh
November 26
Paula Vosburgh
"Out of all the Realtors we have worked with, you have been by far, the easiest and most reliable to work with."
Carrie Carlevarro
"We were looking for an antique eight years ago and Micki had great knowledge of older homes. We actully fell in love with a real fixer upper and Micki was able to refer wonderful contractors to do all the renovations. She is very well connected with these professionals. Last month we decided to put the house we love on the market to move closer to grandchildren. It was an unexpected turn of events but Micki was there again when we needed her and we are certain she will find the next family to love this place!" 
Saul Silberberg
"Micki we cannot thank you enough!. The transactions were seamless; you sold our home in two days and found our retirement home in an area we were not even looking. We love Hatfield!"
C&C Hopkins
"Micki is down to earth, straightforward, and very easy to work with!!! It doesn't hurt that she has a very good sense of humor as well!!"
M.K. Londergan
"Selling a home can be so stressful so we really appreciated Micki's level head and calm demeanor. She is obviously well respected in her industry."
Robert and Sandy Strongman
"We saw about 25 homes before we found the one. All during that year when we were trying to move from DC to the Pioneer Valley, Micki never forgot about us with her great communication via email, texting and phone and was always available to show us homes even with short notice. She was so valuable in helping us understand the different communities and the fact that she had raised three children here helped us temendously as we have four of our own."
Kathleen Connor
"Micki has zero drama, zero issues, zero roller coaster, she is independent and experienced. No contest as to what Realtor I recommend."
Cindy Jepson
"I can only imagine, as a Realtor, that you see dreams broken and remade, all the people that you are in daily contact with...I am so happy that you have been a part of the re-making of my dreams."
J. Parker
"Serendipity that we met our agent, Micki, at an Open House! Super professional, friendly, and put us at ease as she guided us through the buying of our beautiful new home"
Allison Fiore
"Micki was a pleasure to work with..great local knowledge. I have already recommended her!"
John Nove
"No, really, our agent Micki was awesome-very helpful, responsive, honest. Working with her and with Jones Group was great! We trusted her completely and felt cared for."
John Mazzolla and Beth Mooney
"Micki was very professional, patient, knew her stuff, and genuinely cares for her clients. We would definitely use this agent again.
Rob Lyons
"Micki Sanderson was GREAT...Very professional, easy to work with, knowledgable! Great help to us.
Janet Porcelli
"Thank you so much for helping me buy my house-seems like so long ago now...I trusted you and your advice and won! You were THE BEST!"
Vernette Tiegs
"Thanks again for all of the hard work that you put in on our behalf. We know that we could no have been easy clients! We are really still amazed that we were able to get our own house-and we're loving it. S0-THANK YOU!"
Wendy Barnes and Erin Casioppo
"We LOVED working with you when we bought the house...will continue to pass your name along to anyone I know looking for a home!"
Cat Benincasa
"You are such a good psychologist/social worker/real estate agent-with a sense of humor to boot! Thanks!"
Maureen Mullaney